Office of Superintendent of police, Jalna, basically aimed at improving the quality of life by ensuring public safety and order with public participation. The community policing strategy was based on the following presumptions.

Our democratic setup is sustained and strengthened by observance of “Rule of Law”. We are command to the value that improved public confidence only will lead to the realization and “Shared responsibility” work together for better quality of life in the society. The police as a law enforcing agency derives its legitimacy from the Sanction enjoined upon by the public at large, in enforcing the “Rule of Law”.

We believe that a healthy police-public relationship can alone secure the desired measures of public involvement and co-operation in policing in order to make it intrinsically more meaningful and acceptable to the society. We subscribe the principle that highest quality of professionalism with public co-ordination can bridge the gap between police & public and restore public confidence, coupled with firm, fair and impartial action.