Yashwant Abhyasika
Police Sankul
At Police line commercial complex has been build, which consists of 10 shops at ground floor and functional hall build on first floor. All the essential facilities have been provided in these shops and functional hall.
Commercial Complex
In 2011 with profit of police welfare fund, an commercial complex has been build on the land of police department. The complex consists of 20 shops on ground floor and first floor.
Police Library
At Police Sankul, for the staff members and their family, library has been started. The timings for the library are Morning 08.00am to 10.00 am and evening 05.00pm to 07.00pm respectively. All the books and newspapers are kept in book shelf's properly.
Police Hospital
For better health of staff and their family members, an hospital has been operated since 2008 at police sankul with free check-up and treatment has been provided.
Police Gym
Modern day life has resulted in many health problems. To overcome the lack of proper recreation facilities in the office, it was proposed to set up a Gymnasium and recreation facilities for the staff members. In the interest of good health, development of team spirit & better social interaction among the staff members, a full fledged Gymnasium has been set up at Police Sankul. Shri. Waghmare looking after the gym and you can contact with him for the timings and fees.
Police Playgroup/Nursery (Balwadi)
Playgroup / Nursery has been started at Police Sankul with all the latest facilities. Mrs. Archana S. Korde, looking after the playgroup / nursery. At present there are 30 - 35 kids attending the playgroup / nursery at Jalna and Partur which is operated by Smt. Parvati Mane at Police line, partur.
"Shobha - Prakash" Functional Hall
Police Canteen
School Bus
A school bus has been started for kids of staff members of office of Superintendent of Police, Jalna.